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I regret nothing

okay yeah I almost had a panic attack in the car but after a vet check up and a flea bath I feel great about our new kitten.


Sunday. That is her name. Sunday Funday is her full name because she was a great decision when we were high on free kitten excitement until we remembered we have two cats and a dog at home. Not that I don't love her but omg that was a terrible decision.

The plan is to keep Sunday in our room for two weeks before introducing her to everyone.

The furry family zoo. They are all [adult cats and dog] bathing themselves right now.


Eta the free kitten pic is real. I asked my husband to pull over and omg I couldn't say no after holding one. My husband offered to tell everyone he brought it home when I freaked out and talked me down AND told me the kitten will be a great addition to our family. love this man.

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