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last night we were on our way home from a get together and decided going to Sonic would be a good idea. Wrong. It was the best idea.

We got: lemon pie shake, Chicago dog, and tater tots for me; two corn dogs for Mr Carbs.


Lemon. Pie. Shake.

A hot dog !!! I was like oh I dunno I haven’t had one in years, I’ll just have a few bites and let Mr Carbs eat the rest. Haha nope. That hot dog didn’t stand a chance and I didn’t even offer Mr Carbs a bite.


This food was HEAVEN.

Fast forward eight hours and my stomach hurrrrrrts. It's gurgling nonstop. The bed smells like FARTS. I never want to eat again. But that sweet sonic food. Mmmmmmm no regret.

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