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I Require Organizational Assistance

I have a pretty intense nail polish collection. Not as intense as some of the bloggers out there, but pretty good considering I'm a 'civilian' and don't get jack for free.

Because I am me, my polishes are organized and have their own Excel spreadsheet keeping them in order. Rainbow order, naturally. Colours must always be organized by ROY G BIV (then brown, then 'rainbow', then the black/white/greys/silvers).

It looks like this:


(A slightly more detailed explanation of my collection can be found here)

I have the polishes 'numbered' within their category. This makes it easier to find their spot in my drawers and on my colour wheels. Each colour has its own series: Pink starts at 0, red at 100, orange at 200, etc.

Perhaps you can see the issue now. I just logged in my most recent acquisitions, and now I have more than 100 purples. This screws up my series system.


Honestly, I thought I was going to have more time before this happened. I was a fool! A foolish fool!


SO my query is, I need some sort of numbering system. I need to know where a polish is roughly in collection for easier retrieval, essentially so I know which drawer/part of the drawer to look in.

Some of you organize for a living. What do you recommend? Please don't recommend going up a magnitude, i.e. changing the series to 0, 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. I think that might give my subconscious a challenge.

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