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I Rode Satan's Airplane Yesterday. Did Not Like.

Sooo... did anyone else get stuck in an AIRPLANE FROM HELL situation like I did yesterday? Apparently lots of flights were all kinds of messed up (a combination of post-holiday weekend traffic, bad weather and flight delays in the aftermath of the SF crash, I guess). I acknowledge that these are legitimate reasons but it was still arguably the most frustrating flying experience of my life, so I'm going to yell about it now. If you also rode on a World's Worst Airplane yesterday (or today!) feel free to do the same... I think it will be cathartic.

My 1 hour flight was delayed by 7 HOURS. And like... not all at once. They kept giving us "updates" every hour or so, so we couldn't leave/come back to the airport later in the day since the next update could be "We're boarding now!" (even though chances were good it would just be "Another update is coming in 1 hour" like EVERY OTHER UPDATE). They boarded us, got our hopes up and then proceeded to deplane us three times. I had a sad, scared doggie with me who I had definitely not prepared for 10 and a half hours in his tiny carrier. There was a very very very loud screaming baby directly behind me who screamed for longer than I imagined possible. They did not give us any vouchers to buy dinner, even after people asked nicely. Once in the air we circled LaGuardia for 40 minutes before actually landing and when we finally landed we had to sit on the runway for ANOTHER hour because there weren't any available gates. I finally got home at 1:30 am, and today I had to get up bright and early for jury duty (in related news... hello, from the Juror's Lunchroom!)

In conclusion... remember that episode of 30 Rock where Liz Lemon tried to incite her fellow passengers to mutiny because of nonspecific flight delays? YEAH. THAT WAS ABOUT IT. EXCEPT THERE WAS NO MATT DAMON ON MY PLANE.


UPDATE: I just got an email saying that AirTran is sending me a $150 voucher to make up for my shitty experience yesterday. Well then... I did not expect this. I've also been dismissed from jury duty, today is looking up!


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