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I Saw Captain America Last Night

And I'm here to tell you my favourite part in a non-spoilery way.


Aside from the knife thing in this gif, because that was really cool. Good job, Winter Soldier.

The movie was good. The actors were good too. But my favourite part? No damsel in distress! No woman to save and no sex as a reward! No sex at all, in fact, which... okay. Sure, fine.

As many of you know, Scarlett Johansson reprised her role as Black Widow. She kicked ass the entire time. She had but one mild moralistic dilemma, and she looked better for overcoming it. Cap shielded her just once in a situation where it made sense (see what I did there?). A friend that we saw the movie with was like, "she kicked more ass than Captain America did."

It feels good to walk out of a movie and not feel like I need to wash the scum off. I don't think it would pass the Bechedel test because ScarJo and Colbie Smulders don't really talk to each other much and when they did it was about how to help Cap, but perhaps this can show how Bechdel is the BMI of film? A good superficial indicator that can produce general results, but lacks enough context to use as the rule.


I also loved the main Good Guys. Three men, two of them black. Three white people, two of them women. Not too shabby.

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