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I saw Dolly Parton!!

And she was amazing. I laughed, I cried, I sang, I danced, I reflected on my life. Pretty good for a concert!

First of all, I love Dolly Parton. I grew up with a mom who listened to country and, while newer country doesn’t do anything for me, I love Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, and of course, Dolly.


Only, I didn’t realize how much I love her till she came out on stage and I immediately burst into tears. Yep—that happened. It was like seeing my dream grandma IRL for the first time or something. :)

Anyway, she was hilarious, verrry interactive with the audience, and sounded beautiful. Plus, she played like a jillion instruments (guitar, mandolin, steel guitar, banjo, piano, harmonica and probably some more that I’m forgetting).

She played for an hour and a half, then took a 20 minute break and came back and played for another hour. Pretty much every song you’d want her to sing, she performed.

And talk about stamina! She’s 70 this year—I didn’t think she’d play more than an hour or so. She played about two and a half and maintained her energy, joking and dancing, the whole time.


She played a new song, “Pure & Simple,” and it is so sweet.

It was a total blast and I can’t recommend seeing her enough. If you guys remember, I was struggling with whether to buy the good tickets or the nosebleeds for this show. I got the good ones and I have no regrets!! If you get a chance, go see her!

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