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I saw Pompeii today

It wasn't my choice, but what can you do. I don't think I have rolled my eyes so much during a movie since I was like 12.

By far and away, the best part was the first introduction to Kit Harrington's unreal abs.


Which were covered up or never looked so insane ever again. I'm not an abs girl at all, but damn. They're not real, right? It's computer effects, or severe dehydration, or make-up, right? Not to say he isn't in fantastic shape, but that's just tooooooooo much. And if it was real, he wouldn't be wearing a shirt. Ever. He would be like the dude from Austenland who is always taking his shirt off. (Which I cannot believe I can't find any gifs of Captain East's de-shirtings. I am so disappointed in the internet right now)

So yeah, I suggest skipping it.

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