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I saw Redford's Great Gatsby for almost 2 hours

Didn't care for it. I thought Daisy was unlikable especially her being prone to near hysteria, like when she said "rich girls don't marry poor boys" and a fool.

Gatsby was a stalker. All the pictures he had of her and news articles along with moving near her was so stalkerish. I was amazed Daisy was flattered which was so foolish and dangerous. I could be using modern life here. Redford's performance was too aloof I sometimes felt that this was a bored Redford playing Gatsby.

Bruce Dern's Tom was so menacing mixed with air of entitlement and scumbag. It seemed like he got a girlfriend solely to abuse her something he really couldn't do with Daisy solely for appearance sake. I saw no love towards his girlfriend nor towards Daisy.


Waterston is such a good actor and the ideal Nick. I really liked his performance.

Clothing. I liked what the women wore from the neck down. I hated the hats that looked like shower caps. Not sure if they have a real name.

I almost always go to bed at 10pm and I just wasn't interested enough to push it past 10. So at 10pm that was it.

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