For the month of April, Big D Reads has handed out 20,000 copies of The Outsiders. Every ninth grader in the Dallas school system was given a copy of the book. It was also handed out to adults at the train stations.

In partnership with Arts & Letters Live, a program at the Dallas Museum of Art that often hosts events with authors, they brought S.E. Hinton to Dallas to speak tonight. She was very dry and funny.

She said that, even though she knew people would give her a million dollars if she even thought of writing a sequel to The Outsiders, she would never do it. She will never be the person she was, at age 16, who wrote it. She welcomed everyone to imagine where the characters went after the book ended.

Things I learned:

-The Outsiders was actually the third book she wrote. She said the first two will never see the light of day to be read. She said that if you want to write, you have to practice.

-She started writing The Outsiders after a friend from her neighborhood was beat up on the way home.


-Ponyboy is the closest she has ever come to writing herself into a book.

-She found the Robert Frost poem Nothing Gold Can Stay in a magazine and thought, "That's what my book is saying." and went home and put it in. She said that it was the second or third draft.

-Writing is much easier on computer. Re writing on a type writer was much harder to make edits fit in.


-She still talks to all the men who were in The Outsiders movie.

-She is a huge fan of Supernatural and her favorite characters are Alpha Vampire and Benny. She has visited the set, been an extra, and written fan fiction.

-She loves twitter. She said that people could only say so much to her at a time and that was much better than 5 page letters.


They asked that there be no recordings or photos, so that is all for now.