So I went and saw the ghostbusters movie last night with my husband and his friend. It was a good escape, we have had some not happy news lately and this was a chance to get out of the house and forget and it worked.

Overall not a bad movie. Not a super fantastic one either, but missing a lot of the casual asshole sexism of the first. Yeah, surprise (no not really) on the lack of celebrating sexism. ( watched the original recently and Bill Murray’s pursuit of Sigorney weaver is not cool)

There are probably spoilers below.

Definitely some meta stories in here

Leslie Jones’ character- had more of a backstory for joining GB than Kate mckinnons character. She really had to push her way into the group though, and force them to let her join.

Villain of the story- whiny man who feels the world is ignoring him/mean to him plans to destroy the world. Wow, no resemblance there to the many people(men) on the internets who are sad about this movie. Also a very nifty parallel to Kirsten wiig’s backstory of why GB. He takes his rage and gets aggressive on the world, she takes the years of mocking and investigates the science behind her issues.

Someone had questions about why the HQ, why the outfits, why the hearse. All explained in this one.


Kate McKinnon’s character has a crush on Kirsten wiig’s. Please tell me I am not the only one seeing this.

No female nudity.

I Think people (men, mostly men) forget/ don’t realise how obsessively girls (and women) can watch a movie/tv show and how that can make it a success. Just because their obsessiveness doesn’t channel like the teenage boys doesn’t mean they don’t have box office impact. I don’t know if this movie has hit that sweet spot, but I hope it has.


People cheered in the theatre last night. Cheered. and the theatre was quite full.