And you should too, as soon as you can. Even though I read the book that it came from (“Fingersmith”), I was still blown away by the director’s interpretation of it. Plus, there were enough changes from the source material that I still managed to be surprised at a couple things. It’s quite graphic in a couple different ways, and some of the love scenes are very obviously filmed in a ‘male gaze’ kind of way, and yet the focus is 100% on female gratification and empowerment and even shows all male desires in a negative light.


In case anyone here hasn’t heard of it, the basic plot is about a professional thief who conspires with an art forger to go undercover as a maid for a rich woman in order to bilk her out of her fortune. To say anything more would spoil the movie, but trust me: that plot outline barely begins to cover what goes on.

It was playing in an independent theatre in my city, so hopefully it is elsewhere too. If it matters, it’s in Korean and Japanese with English subtitles.