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I saw this today and wished this

My mother wanted to go to the mall today so we could walk. We also at Chinese food at the food court. I saw at a kiosk this tshirt

It looked awesome and perfect for days in which ones biggest success is pooping. Although i would not wear it in public. Under a shirt makes it pointless. Its still awesome.


Did any know there is a new Mortal Kombat? Yup MKX. I have not play on a console in about 10ish years but it brought back memories of the 90s and the Street Fighter vs MK feud. I stopped playing MK with four additional weapons ruined it for me. MK2 is my favorite of those I played on the SNES. Mortal Kombat Trilogy was also good also on SNES or Playstation cannot recall which.. I was team Street Fighter though. Totally zen like game especially SF2 Turbo. The SF Alpha games had the best 2d art of any fighter especially three. I wish they could somehow port MKX to the Nintendo 3ds.

Anyone have this tshirt? Wear it going out.

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