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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I see it is going to be THAT sort of day

I am generally proud of how well my office is organized. It's quirky for sure. I realize most people don't have a 6 foot long stuffed earthworm and/or a writhing bin of live worms for professional decor. But I set it up very deliberately so that people who are not me can use it with ease on days when I am not there.

Days like, for example, yesterday.

I have a shelf. And on that shelf are three identical sets of soil kits that teachers can borrow for free. They have large yellow tags labelled Set A, Set B, Set C. The tub itself is labelled on the side and the front and the space on the shelf where the kit is supposed to go. What can I say? I like labels and using the laminator turns me on. There is a fourth set with a large magenta tag that says "This is JustASmore's Personal Set for Teaching Do Not Send Out For Any Reason."

Can you see where this is going yet?

I needed to teach a soils class today. I casually pop over to the shelf to load up my cart and Set A is missing, I assume a teacher came by when I was out to borrow it. Then I notice. Set THIS IS MY FUCKING SET is also missing with the tag— the special THIS IS MINE DO NOT TOUCH— tag just sitting by itself on the shelf.

The boss said, "Well, it had different stuff in it, so I just gave her both."


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