Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have such terrible luck sometimes. People often try to tell me that believing good things will happen will change that when they hear of it, leaving me in that awkward place between nervous laughter and breaking down into tears and wondering why I even try. But I just don't know what I should do.

So I'm back to taking classes again and just this last week finally got money for living expenses, which meant I could pay my seriously overdue storage bill and not have to deal with all of my belongings getting thrown away, and more importantly I had arrangements to move out of the homeless shelter into a new place. So naturally, Murphy and his stupid law decide to enter the picture when the woman I had a written agreement to move in with decided at the very last minute to let her anxiety ruin everything, and started making excuses why it wouldn't work out — none of which were deal breakers, but she never bothered to actually ask — and that she wasn't going to accept my money or let anyone move in. Which left me with nowhere to live again.

So now I'm truly and absolutely out of time at the one and only homeless shelter for women, having used up my regular time and the special extension they gave me until my move in date. But at first it seemed like it wouldn't be too much of a problem, because I could look for another place to live and stay in a hotel room while I'm waiting, which is very costly in comparison, but acceptable on a short-term basis now that I have some money available. And it was going fairly well until this week, when all of the prices suddenly increased sharply — some rooms literally doubled in price. Apparently there's some milk convention going on this week that brought a lot of people here. Of course that me udderly unable to come up with the necessary cheese to rent a room unless I want to foolishly spend everything at once and not have enough left over for all of the next 4 months.


I am seriously considering buying a used car and sleeping in it instead, which would cost about the same as 2-3 weeks of this, but I don't know if I have the discipline to make it a cost-effective alternative. It's so frustrating to deal with all of this, and takes away the energy that I would rather devote to my classes. It's times like these when I really appreciate boxed wine.

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