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I Should Be A Fox News Mouth

Re: Charleston shooting. You know, conservative journalists faces and mouths and stuff are bending over backwards to spin this very obviously racially-motivated tragedy in a different way. Maybe it’s a war on Christians. Maybe he was just mentally ill and there’s no way of connecting anything he did to anything ever. Bla bla bla.

If they were smart, they’d just use this to deflect from the rest of racism. This crime is so much more shocking than police brutality to many people. It has so much less “grey area” (although that doesn’t stop people from trying to find it). All the victims were the “perfect” victims. This is so literal. This is basically like, “well I never owned slaves so I’m not racist” in a nutshell. It’s packaged up so nicely. Why aren’t they just using this to define racism? That’s what some morons on my FB feed are starting to do. (Before you mention - these are not friends of mine, just people who are popping up in other discussions that I can see). They are using this as an excuse for all their racist actions because now this is the new metric for racism.

Someone on Gawker, talking about the fucker’s uncle telling all, was like, “at least his family wasn’t racist.” Um, what? No, I think his family very well might be racist, but just didn’t kill anyone. Because you don’t have to want all minorities to DIE in order to be a racist.


But FoxNews went the wrong direction, as they’ve been doing less and less subtly. Good, good. Keep killing your credibility. One day, you’ll be obsolete.


I can’t stop obsessing over this because the fucking Confederate Flag is literally one of the reasons I do not like to tell people I am from South Carolina. Even here in Louisiana - even among the native Louisianians I work with, many conservative, that flag on SC’s state house is a joke. I heard about the shooting, and if you’d asked me to just give you a guess who the shooter was, I would have told you, “White dude from Columbia with a thing about the Confederate Flag.” I grew up with so many fuckers like that.

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