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I should be cleaning but instead....

I am goofing off on the interwebs.

So what are you guys up to tonight? I have to go to work in about 3 hours so tonight I will be working. I will be working with the same group of people from earlier this week. Hopefully, (since it was a holiday week) our boss decided not to check our email til Monday or this entire weekend will be awkward. I'm not sweating it though (okay maybe a little bit).


Next Wednesday I am taking my Grandma to Red Lobster because she gave me a gift card for Christmas. It's the least I can do. That woman has done more for me this past year than any other person and she is not even biologically my Grandmother. Also, she likes to say shit like "Us Italians and you African-Americans, we need to stick together because[insert random possibly offensive and sometimes outright offensive shit here about other groups]" and I laugh because I don't know where she picked this crap from (and can't believe she said that) and I have to set her straight without losing my mind.

Now to eat my Jersey Mike sub my brother brought for me and check out what has been happening on Twitter.

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