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I should be suspicious, right? Or am I really crazy?

***rant ahead***I don't need advice or anything, I'm just annoyed as hell. I didn't state everything that happened between us because that would be too tedious...

I was talking to this guy on OkCupid. He lives a little over an hour away from me and we started talking on OkC around March 31st. We have yet to meet and I find it suspicious as fuck and today was the nail in the coffin.

We were supposed to meet about 3 weeks ago and he had texted me last minute the day before to say he couldn't drive over here (at this point he didn't know I'm actually closer to him than he thinks because I live outside of the city). Ok fine, you are busy because of work. Cool, I get it. Then we were supposed to meet last week I think on Wednesday and the day of he says he can't come over here (he knows now that I am closer). The only reason why we were going to meet was because I told him that I needed a time frame of when we were going to meet because I just didn't think it was good to put it off for that long.


So we had been talking a few days ago about how it makes me feel that we haven't met and he keeps saying how he's really busy and it's hard for him to schedule things. I just don't get why these guys get on OkC if they don't want to meet up or have time. And no, I don't believe this whole "Maybe he's not that into you". He talked me up and up and then flaked out. I started to think maybe he wasn't the guy in the pictures he sent. I'm also thinking he's one of those guys that thinks they are ready for a relationship but they aren't (or pretend to be so they can get laid). So this morning I sent him a text saying "If you don't want to talk to me anymore, let me know. Thanks" because he had stopped texting me all of a sudden 2 days ago. He then messaged me saying he got my text and that he thinks we have different wants and needs. I told him "You're right! I want someone that respects me enough to plan to see me in a timely manner, not someone that tries to make feel bad or crazy for wanting that. Bye Felicia."

Yes, I told him "Bye Felicia". And he didn't get the reference like I had hoped. :)

I honestly would rather have a guy say "I'm not interested" than to be dragged along and made to feel crazy because I want something that is a basic need: to meet in person. I'm pretty frustrated but not sad because I had a bad feeling this whole time but I'm Ms. Nice Girl and have to give the benefit of the doubt so I don't seem like a "bitter bitch". Why I do this, I don't know...

Edit: *Forgot to mention that last week he said he had to take a trip to Michigan that was planned last minute by his boss. Um ok? So I guess that would be his excuse for not contacting me the past few days. Michigan...right. I'd believe him if he hadn't canceled on meeting up with me twice.*


He's also one of those guys that fakes communication by talking things through but only so you see his side. Fucking asshole.

Ok thanks for letting me rant. Maybe consoling words and happy GIFs would be nice. Or maybe share similar stories of assholery.

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