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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I should have given myself more time (Paper woes)

Why did I think scheduling an article draft due date for tonight was a good idea when I knew I wouldn't be able to even start writing until two days ago? I've got sixteen pages down, about to start writing a rough sketch of the part I think is really cool, and call it good for now. Probably going to skip having a real conclusion at this stage - I have a month to work on draft two, so it's no big deal there.

On the plus side, I've put together sixteen pages in about three days, mostly from scratch (I think about three pages are cannibalized from a prior paper I wanted to build this from). Just got to sit and get another three to four pages down and I can say I have an incomplete draft to work from on my way to draft two. Good thing Comps is still two years out - I'll have plenty of time to revise and perfect this article.


Should have given myself another week, just to be sure.

Students of GT, what are you working on this summer?

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