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So I joined because I wanted to have people to hang out with during a certain point in the near future where everyone I know will either be out of town or at home pregnant/taking care of their other children. I was a dummy. I got what I assume were two bots. One asked for my number, and the other said christianity was very important to him but is profile pics were as nude as possible according to the rules.

One guy without a profile pic messaged me and full on sexted me while I kept making it clear that I wasn’t going to do that. He got to the point where he asked what I’d do after sucking the head of his dick and I told him I’d bite it off. I should have blocked him somewhere around the second message where he asked if my hands were down my pants (it was midnight, who sleeps with pants on?) but I feel so weird and bad blocking people. It’s like some woman’s guilt where I feel I have to be nice to absolutely everyone. I even felt bad saying I’d bite his creepy dick off, I was trying to get him to stop messaging me, but maybe that was extreme.

I messaged about 10 guys with a 30% reply rate. I guess their data on black women getting the least replies was true. Oh, and I saw my friend who has a long distance girlfriend on there talking about some very recent things, so I assume he’s trying to cheat. I don’t know what to do with that information because I’m a gossip (I know, boo, hiss) and we flirt heavily.


TL;DR another okc post about weird people, how I’m not attractive enough to get guys to reply even when I say something about being friends in the message, and blah, blah, blah. I should be doing school work.

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