I had an encounter with someone who was super offended about me being an Atheist.

And inspired by it, I posted this to Facebook:

"I really don't understand why my being an atheist is such an affront to other people. It's how I understand the world, I wish nothing but the same comfort and understanding to others, however they see fit to seek it."

And the only thing I got that was slightly side eye worthy is the one person who commented

"I'll pray for you (winking emoticon)"

Now I know he doesn't mean it in a "YOU HEATHEN" way (or at least I don't think) it's just fucking further illustrating my point. I don't NEED you to pray for me, because I don't believe in prayer, as referenced in my initial offering of information of being an Atheist.


It's condescending really. It's not like I jump in with people asking for prayers for their trials and tribulations with some shit like "I will not pray for you".

It's like didn't I JUST finish saying do you boo boo?