Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So. I got gas this morning at the Kroger gas pumps, and I was two sips into my coffee. Threw out my trash bag in my car like I do when I get gas, then went to work.

I had noticed when I threw my purse in my desk drawer my wallet was missing; no biggie, my purse probably dumped it out in the car as it is wont to do, I’ll get it at lunch.

Well guess what was NOWHERE in my car? My wallet, of course, which I last saw at the gas station! One mad dash back to my Super Kroger, and a rifle through a trash can later, I have my wallet back.


Yes, that is correct. A grown ass woman accidentally threw away her wallet with her car trash. Because it was in my hand at the time???

Seriously, this is how microchips in your arm become ok, because then I could keep up with my wallet.

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