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I sideswiped my garage pulling into it.

Update: It now looks sort of like this picture. It did a number on the top coat in a few places and a couple scratches. It is where it doesn't look as obvious so I'm going to wash it at my parents and use their fancy wax stuff.

I just side swiped the edge of my garage entry. I knew this would happen sooner or later, the opening is narrow and there is a long truck across from me so I can't swing too wide and have to be careful. Well, today I was spacing as it has been a long and shitty week and it finally happened. Somehow I cleared my mirror before hitting it.


The corner of the entry is a little rounded now and needs some paint, not structural. I just hope the HOA doesn't come after me for that. My car didn't dent or anything (I heard it in time) but there is a lot of paint on it, maybe some deeper scratches. Looks something like the picture, but longer.

I am pretty embarrassed. I am supposed to see my family this weekend and don't want to fess up because they will gang up and harass the shit out of me and I am in no mood for it. So, any good tricks to get most of that paint off so it isn't super obvious? It is white paint on a black car. I guess my first line will be soap and water and a washcloth and hope for the best.

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