Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I got a perfume sample in my Birchbox today. I’m not really a perfume person, so I usually just open the sample long enough to smell it for a second, write a review and get ten points. Today, though, I actually liked the scent for once. I liked it kind of a lot! So I dabbed the tiniest amount on my wrists to see if I would like it on me, too.

I do not.

I mean, the scent is perfectly fine. It’s great. But it won’t fucking come off and now it’s giving me a headache and WHY WON’T IT COME OFF?! I am legit embarrassed by the fact that people can smell me now. It’s distracting. And I have washed my arms with all the soaps and it Won’t. Come. Off.


Help me?

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