Rant mode on.

Well Zucker has done it again. First he fired Soledad O'Brien, Roland Martin and let Ali Velshi go. Velshi and O'Brien were gigantic mistakes. Velshi should have gotten 7pm slot cohosted with Christine Romans. Giving the hour to Erin Burnett who is such a Wall Street fan was awful. She also isn't good.

Now he is letting Suzanne Malvoux (sp?). Instead 11pm will go to Periera who already is on two hours. She has such an annoying holier then thou attitude. Why not give it to Fredericka Whitfield or bring back Kyra Phillips.

Noon time goes to Ashleigh Banfield's legal show. Really? She belongs on HLN NOT CNN. Now with Malvoux gone bye bye international or real news at noon.

I like Baldwin but does she really need 2 hours? Suzanne and her cohost should get one hour.


I so despise Zucker. He is so destroying CNN. CNN should be for hardcore news not fluff. Lets face it the morning team from 7 to 9 are awful. Cuomo could easily be replaced by his kinda look alike David Venable and I bet a) no one would notice and b) Venable would be far, far better.

Rant mode off. Newsstory