Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

If you do not know them you are either not from New England or born post95. Everyone else know I am talking about best newsteam evah. Ok Nat, Chet and Dickie were a close second. I read recently an anchor of 13 years left the local Boston Fox News. I do not watch Fox News so never watched the Boston Fox. Her name was Maria ?. No clue if she was good or not.

She was there for 13 years which is so unusual. Anchors seem to be a revolving door last ten years except weather. Although WBZ has gone through a lot of female meteorologists in last ten years. WBZ still has Barry Burbank who sadly never became chief meteorogist I find him more accurate then Harvey Leonard. Barry has been doing weather since the early 80s so in Boston only Leonard has been longer also Barry predates Dickie.


But I wish WBZ would bring back Liz and Jack to be anchors with Bob too. Heck MSNBC wants to just do news so bring these two on for an hour and they would be great plus would be great teachers. Thomas Roberts sort of reminds me of a young Jack.

Thats Walker, Williams, Schwoegler, Lobel and Kulhawik. Also the Storm Lady Shelby Scott. Scott was also an excellent anchor she also.was coanchor of the first news show in Boston to coanchor with another woman, I cannot recall her name. Yet she will.always be Storm Lady, waves from.a blizzard smashin against ocean wall Storm Lady will be there.

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