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I somehow had never heard of Pompeii (the historical event)

So when my boyfriend & I rented the movie the other night, about five minutes in I asked, "Wait, is this movie about a volcano or something?" HE WILL NOT LET ME LIVE IT DOWN.

He looked at me like, oh. My. Wow, and once he realized I was serious he said, "Well... Yes. It was quite a historic event." Then paused it to give me the backstory (AKA HUGE WORLD HISTORY).

To make matters worse, I couldn't remember the name of the movie a little bit ago and I wanted to look it up, so I texted him, "What was the name of that movie about Jon Snow & the volcano?" And he texted back, "Pompeii. It really was quite famous, you know, even before Kit Harrington made a straight to DVD movie about it." I just replied, "They should've just named it Jon Snow Versus the Volcano"


I like to think I'm reasonably intelligent most of the time but sometimes, man. I seriously have doubts.

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