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I Spoke Too Soon [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Welp, writing this made me realize I need to GET UP, GO OUTSIDE, RUN ERRANDS, PUT ON OUTDOORS PANTS. So bye, y’all!

(Yes, I am using this as my personal diary today. If it can help one other lazy slob dry off their tears and put on pants and go outside, then I have done my “job.” JOB IN QUOTE BECAUSE NO INCOME, READ SAD SOB STORY BELOW.)


I was all gushy and positive-thinking the other day and then BOOM! back to the tears. Finding a job is really hard, you guys. So is finding a new apartment. Doing both at the same time when you need to prove income and you don’t have income to proof? And you’re sitting at home in your gym clothes not going to the gym because you feel like if you leave the computer for even a minute your dream job will post and someone else will apply and you’ll miss it? And you’re hungry but can’t be bothered to make food but you know that if you eat food you’ll stop being so pissy about the job situation but you’d rather sit and sulk for five more minutes? Well, that’s what I call a Wednesday!


(I know I know: Something great will come along, I won’t be unemployed forever, Some days are harder than others, Think positive thoughts, Remember when you said you were feeling confident, It will get better, The world is my oyster, etc. I KNOW! Let me have this self-pity moment, damn it.)

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