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I Start School Today

After a year and a month since I graduated from college, held down an internship, and doing nothing, I'm going back to school!

I'm doing a program in the law field. Not law school. But I'm really good at law (Whoa I sound like Zoolander with that statement) and like learning about the intricacies of the justice system. I really find it interesting. Of course, going out of this program (Paralegal, I said it-if there are any here, let me know!) I hope I can land a job. Or an internship/low level firm job during the program.

My parents have numerous connections in the law field-few here, but they're recommending me to some friends-and that's neat.


But going back to school is half terrifying and half a blessing. I do have to stop by the library to do pre-course work today, but that's cool.

I'm happy to live where I live now, and happy to be doing something with my life.

Ok, back to school. It's the first step. I know I rambled a bit, but I'm up early and prepping. I'm in a huge transition phase in my life-moving, finding out who my 'real' friends are, and finally feeling like I'm in a place where I belong.

If y'all could send some good vibes-much appreciated! I'll update when I get home.


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