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My bedroom used to be a cluttered nightmare. I had an extensive floordrobe. Then I was watching Grand Designs and saw people taking literal ruins and turning them into livable homes. Ashamed and upset, I started picking up my crap.

I actually managed to VACUUM THE FLOOR today. I had been shoving aside stuff on the floor with my feet or delicately picking my way through the junk. Now there is a large enough empty area for me to not only vacuum, but to organize stuff to donate.


I've tossed out a lot of things that I didn't need but was holding on to because...some reason. I decided to toss anything that I hadn't used in at least a year that couldn't be donated.

I feel very accomplished! Woo hoo! Now I'm gonna take a quick break and have some wine and leftovers!

ETA: The new editor FINALLY has a place to insert image urls! HUZZAH!

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