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I started watching Being Human UK, because I think it's hilarious that there's a dwarf with The Smolder in The Hobbit movies. People have insisted That Particular Smolder cannot be contained, and recommended this show. I've decided that I agree with these people.

In my quest to see if the age-old question "does scruff make men hotter?," I learned that Aidan Turner decided definitively YES, for I was completely unable to find a photo of him without that "I shaved yesterday" look. He knows what works, and he works it hard. The closest thing to cleanshaven I found was some pretty crooked sideburns.


(These are not those sideburns.)

Oh wait! I found it! The elusive clean-shaven photo!

Must be from high school. I see that the secret to The Uncontainable Smolder is clearly in the scruff. I feel like this clean-shaven babyface is, in fact, resistable. Like, he's working on it, but he's not quite learned it yet.

TL;DR Thanks for recommending Being Human UK; The Smolder is in The Scruff. (Sidenote: best title for a Bones episode ever, amirite?)

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