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I steal things when I'm drunk...

I was at a bar with my friends earlier and a group of us were sitting at a table for about 2 hours and we'd all had drinks. Suddenly, one of the servers comes up to us and asks us "how much longer are you gonna be here?" I sarcastically retorted "I dunno...guys, what's the timer say?" One of my friends replied, "I dunno, 20 minutes?" Then she said that she was asking us because someone called the place and wanted to reserve a table. We all found this odd because this was a bar, not the type of place you'd call to make a reservation.

She left for a bit, then came back and said "so 20 minutes, right?" and we all shrugged and were like "uh, yeah..." Then she slaps a "reserved" sign down on our table.


Guess who has her very own "reserved" sign now?

I'll be keeping it on half of my bed...it's reserved for the next cute boy person I deem worthy...or, um, Bobby...

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