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I stumbled on a French PUA site...

For those who read French, presented without comment in all of its glory...

"Don't be needy"


Some highlights:


En anglais (paraphrased): being needy (or, you know, showing normal human interest in a person you like) will make you, like, lose the Game, maaaaaan and you won't be your super awesome alpha self, slayin' bitches left and right.

  • En anglais (paraphrased): If you're a normal human being and tell a woman you might like her, she will literally run away in terror from your emasculated, shrivelled self. It's like, SCIENCE, bro.
  • En anglais (paraphrased): The only way to, like, WIN, and beat the bitches at this game we pretend is about human connection, is to become fucking BUDDHA, brosef.

Man, I can't believe the MRA crap has crossed the pond/Atlantic/whatever. Le sigh.

ETA: I can't figure out the formatting, guys, so my gifs/pics aren't lining up with my paragraphs. total noob over here. Also, I just want to leave this lovely site here: http://manboobz.com/


In case you want to have a laugh at some really really terrible shit that comes from the MRA/PUA annals of the internets, Dave Futrelle does his best to turn that shit into comedic gold.

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