Earlier today I posted about a conversation I had with Mr. Fun. You can read that here if you would like....


Many of you responded with very helpful advice and it gave me a lot to think about. I also had an appointment with my therapist this evening and we talked about what occurred. I had resolved to come home and apologize to Mr. Fun for basically shitting on what he considered good news.

I had essentially missed some pretty big social cues. The first one was him telling me he wanted to talk in person and the second was him holding my hand to have the discussion. Both of these things were an indication that what he was sharing was a positive story. I totally missed those signs and continued to miss subsequent signs, for example, him stating he was repeating the story poorly and also, standing by what his Dad had said to him.

I apologized for not realizing that this was an important conversation and also for kind of being a bitch (which is true, I was sort of bitchy about the whole thing). After I said my apologizes I asked him to please relay the conversation again and this time I would listen with an open mind. Basically, his dad is considering slowing down and semi-retiring and Mr. Fun would have more responsibility in the business. Dad also mentioned us having kids and maybe money was a concern. This is the point where Mr. Fun told him we were already contemplating kids but we had a timeline we were sticking to and that is when Dad said, "Well, I know how stressful it is to have kids and worry about money. You will have more responsibility (with semi-retirement looming) and also more of a percentage because you will be doing more work."


What is comes down to is that Dad was coming from a place of love and concern and wanted Mr. Fun to know that the timeline for Dad retiring and transferring more business responsibility to Mr. Fun is imminent. For a bit of context, Dad has previously said he doesn't know when or if he will retire, so I guess this conversation was to let Mr. Fun know that his position on retirement has changed and eventually Mr. Fun will have more earning capability.

So, it wasn't that he would "pay him more if we had a baby", but more "I will be stepping aside sooner than you think so if monetary concerns were keeping you from having a baby you should not worry about that too much."

Adult conversations y'all, they do wonders for a relationship. Mr. Fun appreciated my apology. I don't feel like I am a baby machine to be awarded with money. All is well in the Fun Household.


Thank you all again for your insightful responses and support.