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I Successfully Arted!

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Today concluded Art All Night, an annual 24 hour event where artists from novices to professionals can submit their art for free and have people from all walks of life view their labors of artistic expression. In a way, it's like Deviantart come to life, but there is a lot more going on than the art. There are concert performances, a craft show in the morning, and workshops for kids. It's really fun to go to whether you submit something or not. I submitted a piece of art to sell at $40 with a $10 donation from the sale going to Artworks, who put together the event.


This is all to say that I sold a painting and got $30!

There is an event on Saturday at the Artworks building where artists can meet their buyers and pick up their check.I gave up the idea of being an artist when I found no passion for improvement or effort. Still, I feel like a childhood dream has come true.I look forward to putting something together for the next event. I also look forward to the extra spending money. It's been a satisfying day.

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