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One of my friends posted this image with the heading of LMAO:

He is known for sometimes posting things that are not very well-thought out. Usually I ignore them, because while they are sometimes in bad taste, but not worth getting into an argument about. But this one I couldn't resist. He deleted it, so this is a rough transcription rather than a screen shot.

Me: I didn't realize you thought human trafficking was hilarious.

Him: I don't. But this ad is at least 50 years old and with the meme face it made me laugh. Plus, my Dad is always telling me I should buy a Russian bride, and so this was ironic.

Me: I don't care how old this ad might be. By posting it, you are not saying "I find this meme face funny", you are saying "LOL, I think women are a commodity to be purchased."


A few minutes later I recieved a message of "I'm going to take your advice and take that down. I'm sorry if it offended." It don't know if what I said made him think about the implications of what he posted, but I like to hope it did at least a little. This guy is definitely borderline Nice Guy and a little socially awkward. But, he also has friends (like me), that will call him on stuff like this.

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