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I suck at being supportive

I am not the best at being supportive when it comes to certain things.

A big life thing comes up? I am there. I will help out in every way possible, including doing things that yes, you didn't ask for, but that does actually help you out. I'll make the meals, rub the backs, distract you with happy stories, listen to your sad ones, give lots of hugs, and remind you that this will pass.

Sadly, it's minor stuff where my husband has issues. He's a worrier, and he worries about shit that does not need to get worried about. Right now, he's worried about going to the doctor and being told that he has cancer and will have to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of his life and that I will leave him for someone who can poop properly.


Note that the only symptom he has is a hemorrhoid that's a bit worse that usual. Bonus knowledge: Hemorrhoids don't correlate with cancer. The one type of cancer that mimics them is NOT what he has going on right now.

Still, he's fretting and stressing and sad because his butt hurts and he's asked me to take a day off to go to the doctor's to hold his hand, even though I think he's being a bit over the top with this whole thing. Now he's fretting that the doctor might put a finger up his butt, and it's really hard to not to point out that bigger things come OUT of his butt.

I'm having a hard time keeping a straight face as he frets, and he's getting more stressed because I'm not doing my normal comfort routine. Anyone other GTer's live with someone like this?

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