And it actually went well! The president came up to me after and said it totally made sense and he really liked it! YAY ME!

Thanks to everyone who talked me down the other night, I really needed it. Mr. Buttcheeks is away on a work trip, and being alone with my stress is never a good thing.

After my full day meeting, I went to a friend's house to let her practice on my nails (she's a new esthetician) and instead of telling her what I wanted, I just told her to have fun. Good/bad idea. I mean, my nails look super cool, but also kind of like Hello Kitty painted them for me. My ring fingers are pink with glittery hearts, my thumbs are roses and butterflies over shimmery silver polish, and everything else is ombre green glitter. And it's gel polish. Forever polish.

ETA: here they are:


GIANT HAND. Sorry, no idea how to re-size that....