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I don’t know what to do anymore.

I am beyond flabbergasted in this situation that I am in. I dissolved a friendship of 3 years a couple of months ago. This guy friend was progressively becoming more toxic to me as time went on. The final straw was him yelling at me about not being completely drunk/wasted at a party at...my...house and me not allowing him to stay over. Fun fact, I had got in from an extremely long flight an hour before the party so I was exhausted and did not want to play host overnight. I told my roommate (who which the party was for) that I did not want anyone to stay over so we were both on the same page. Nothing in the notification of the invites stated we were allowing anyone to stay over. Everyone else but him made arraignments and those who could not get anyone to play DD, me and my boyfriend drove them home. I offered a ride home, but he got mad and said he was going to walk and ran out the door. He lives 5 blocks from me so I really could not react before he made it home. Drunk people apparently sprint when they are mad.

So, the next day I was like yeah we can’t be friends anymore please delete my number. Cool deal. I had told him my previous concerns in person so I did not feel like a whole... you did a, b, c, d, e was needed.


Fast forward to last week, he texted me with all sorts of vulgar language because apparently he left stuff at my house and wanted it back at 2:30am that day. I did not respond because 2:30am and went to look for the stuff. I found it stuffed under the guest bed and so I moved it to the front table as a reminder to deal with it.

I happen to be extremely busy cause of work right? He texted me on Wednesday, my next day off was Saturday. So I was planning on dealing with it then since I knew his work schedule was days and my schedule is nights.

Cue more vulgar language and how childish and a bitch I was because I didnt respond.

I don’t think I should have had to drop everything to find time to deal with it asap as the stuff would have been there since the party, 2 months prior. Especially since he was like hey bitch, i left stuff at your house i need it back now.


Because at this point, I do not feel safe to be in the same vicinity with this person...I dropped his stuff off at a mutual male friend’s house and made him text him that the stuff was there.

Cue today: ALL THE THREATS! Texts like - “It’d be a nice day to go burn stuff.” “Did you know you can break windows with a hammer?” I’m scared for my dogs. My roommate and I work opposite schedules, so I’m also scared to go home. I’m even scared for my boyfriend to come over because I know this ex-friend has a gun and I don’t know what would set him off anymore.


I do not understand why dissolving a friendship caused so much drama. The police said they really can’t do anything because the ‘threats’ were not specific to me.


ALSO LAST FUN FACT: This psycho ex-friend is in the police academy.

I dont know what to do because this is so freaking dumb.

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