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I Swear, It's Like These People Don't Want Me To Work

Those of you who sort of know me know that far away, and long ago (last year), I was attempting to become a probation officer. Well, that didn’t work out so well.

Now I am applying for a job with a different department in the same county, and things are looking good. But there is a problem: apparently, participating in a “training academy” and washing out after three weeks due to illness means that I was technically “employed” by the probation department. And apparently that now means there are a bunch of annoying hoops I have to jump through to have information regarding those three weeks released to this other department. And for some reason, none of the people I have talked to, including the person who told me I needed to have this information released, have any fucking clue how to do that. I have talked to no less than six people, who each proceed to refer me to someone else, who inevitably cannot help me.


I am getting fed up with these people. I feel like no one wants me to work. They all just want me to be that unemployed 30 year old woman that lives with her mother for the rest of my natural life.

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