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I swear my mother is part ghost

Last few weeks I bought nothing but food and drinks to eat and drink at fleamarkets. Saturdays I will probably give up until Labor Day. No new dealers, same stuff and not worth it for their delish strawberry shortcakes.

I swear my mother is part ghost. Today at the fleamarket I saw her one row over and was going to tell her after an hour minutes of buying nothing I was going to get a snack and was quitting to sit until she was done. I got to her location, gone like a ghost. I saw her literally 20 seconds before, I looked up then down the row. Spent so long over an hour searching for her, (row after row, across the street and back) and oddly she was looking for me, usually she doesn't and just thinks we will bump into each other. We usually do but not today. Neither of us were in a good mood at this point. I will go on Sundays but we will meet at certain times.


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