Annoyance at work thread, anyone?

I’m actually a pretty dang good teacher IF you are a student who wants to learn, work, show up and talk, etc. What I am not good at is the administrative bs. Like, I am required to do x amount of PD—fine, no problem, I don’t actually mind most PD! But I’m also supposed to write up my PD goals, how I hope to achieve them, and why I’m doing them. I feel like “’Cuz you’re making me” isn’t a great answer, nor is “’Cuz it’ll help me be a better teacher?” But those are both true.

I will voluntarily sign up for PD, go to the meetings, engage with other instructors in a real and meaningful way. Why do I have to talk about why I want to do it? Whinge, whinge, whinge.

Your turn. What’s bugging you about work today?