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I sweat a lot at the gym, and IDGAF

My halls at university has a gym. It's small and a little scuzzy, but it's a £10 induction fee, and then it's free for the year, so I figured why not? Of course me being me (i.e. pretty averse to getting round to exercise, which is stupid because I always enjoy it when I do), plus having all of the rest of uni to get accustomed to, I hadn't got around to going yet.

Today I was over at RugbyDude's* flat attempting to figure out some relativity questions, and in general getting nowhere, when one of the other guys in his flat came in and asked if he wanted to hit the gym. Due to various happenstances (RugbyDude knowing how terrible I am at actually doing exercise), I ended up accompanying them.


When I exercise, I sweat A LOT. I generally get hot and flustered easily, so being in a position where I am purposefully increasing my heart rate turns me into a fucking water fountain. (I should probably clarify at this point that as far as I'm aware, I don't smell any worse than the average person, my pores just excrete a lot of moisture. Attractive, right?). This is actually one of the reasons I'm reluctant to exercise in public, and one of the reasons why swimming is normally my activity of choice. But today, high on exercise endorphins, and the freedom that comes with already being in a long term relationship (I really don't care how unsexy I look in front of random guys), I had an epiphany: I GIVE ZERO FUCKS. I give zero fucks that after 2 minutes on the cross trainer I'm dripping with sweat. I give zero fucks that after having been at the gym for an hour my hair looks like I was caught in a freak rainstorm. I give zero fucks that RugbyDude and OtherGuy might think I looked gross, or that the girls in my flat gave me weird looks when I got back. I like exercising, it makes me feel good, and productive, and just generally happy, and I give zero fucks what people think about it.

*RugbyDude is a guy on my course who lives in a flat that my flat happened to have bonded with. He's nice.

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