Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

...I THINK... that I may have succeeded at finding an apartment. Still have to submit a few more supplementary materials today (and then our applications have to be approved, of course). This means that I can stop obsessively looking at listings and vacant apartments 24/7 and come back to you, Groupthink!


(P.S. Any New Yorker GTers in/near Crown Heights? This will be my new neighborhood if we get this place!)


((P.P.S. I have done the near impossible and found a NYC apartment with NO BROKER'S FEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

(((P.P.P.S. We looked up the address on the Dept of Buildings website and found just a feeeeew more complaints than we were hoping for. However, they're mostly all about not having the proper kind of permit to do renovations in apartments that they're updating, etc... the last complaint we saw about a thing that would directly, negatively impact a tenant was a no heat/hot water complaint from 2011. We decided that we don't actually care about this much, because we are apparently selfish and only care about problems that affect us. But... should we care? Any reason to care about these complaints? Thoughts?)))

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