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I think Condé Nast is trolling me

I have been trying to get rid of Vanity Fair and Bon Appétit for months. I’ve written about it before. They were gift subscriptions I think. I don’t even remember anymore, because I am battle weary. It shouldn’t be this hard to stop getting something you don’t want and never asked for. I have contacted them numerous times. The last time I did, they put a stop on ALL my magazines (which I didn’t know). This also includes Wired, which is something I subscribe to (ie, pay for!!) and haven’t gotten for 2 months. I managed to get into my Condé Nast account yesterday. Not only do they have my new address somehow, but they still have all three magazines “turned off” in the system. THEN WHY DID I GET VANITY FAIR AND BON APETJASDFKVNOWIEJFQOPIENFNF!?!?!?!!!!!!111

I wrote their customer service (again) and asked why they are gaslighting me, and if they can’t send me the one and only magazine I actually desire, then to please just refund my money and lose my goddamn number. I didn’t swear in the email, but jeez louise. At least my coworkers are getting mileage out of VF and BA. I just set them in the break room.


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