Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Or the automated voice at CVS is, I can't tell:

Press 1. Hello, This is C. V. S, pharmacy, our records indicated time 4 Linda, yo. Ohh to refill the prescription number ending in 2. Yay. 4 Yeah sex you with our Pharmacy located at [redacted], Minnesota, refills. Maybe ordered online at C. B. S. Dot Com or by calling. 7 Yeah sex. Yeah 3 yahoo yeah 5 yeah 7th. Your ohh. Yeah, one, yeah. 3. Your ohh to remove this number from a reminder list. Yes, call one. Yeah 855. Yeah 475. Yeah 2133 yeah it's one yeah 855. Yeah 475. Yeah 2133 yeah. Thank you for choosing C. V. S, pharmacy, yeah bye.


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