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I think I am in love!

It has happened! I have fallen in love with (another) fictional character, this time Ross Poldark. You know, this guy:

I’M NOT EVEN SORRY. He’s all about helping people and having the world’s best smile!


Spoilers for up to season one episode four below:






Okaaaay, so I don’t like that he doesn’t really listen to Demelza when she says she is uncomfortable visiting his fancy relatives. I think her visiting them was ultimately the right thing to do, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t listen to his own goddamn wife! That’s how he is in general, like when he keeps chastising her for doing servant’s work before getting around to hiring her a servant—if there’s no one else to do it, she’ll have to whether she’s married to him or not! I was soooo glad to see Verity teach Demelza lady things, but Verity is the best in general. Idk about rooting for her to get with an (accidental) wife-killer, but she’s great.

Francis is an utter shithead and his corrupt banker friend is creepy and cartoonish. Elizabeth has had her annoying mopey moments, but at least she’s not ranting and raving and throwing money away on gambling and prostitutes. How is Francis failing so hard at everything when he got so much handed to him? We never even see him interact with the baby, or try to be nice to his wife (unless you count the time he tried to have sex with her when it was obviously way too early post-birth), so basically he is useless at everything.


But about the great things about this show! When Demelza and Ross visit their family for Christmas and Demelza sings that beautiful song, and then Ross tells her he loves her, I LIVE for this gooey sentimental shit! I just loved it! Most of the shows I watch don’t have romance (or not decent romance anyway) so this is so nice and feel-good in comparison to my typical evil political scheming fare. I just feel all cozy now!

Edit: btw please don’t put specific spoilers for past episode four in the comments because I’m not there yet! your general feels about the show are always welcome.

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