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Welcome To The Bitchery

I think I found a room!!

I found a room!! Rejoice with me! Although it doesn’t quite check all of my boxes it’s better than the other option. (Crying into a pillow while couch-surfing and/or my parents house and/or settling for a broom closet )


Upsides! :

  • 2 really nice roomies! (we already have a whatsapp group going!)
  • A cat! (Who I met already, she has the most enormous green eyes. She’s a bit shifty but I think she trusts me already.)
  • What looks like a really nice apartment (we didn’t get to see it, girl #1 was going to rent it with a friend and find an extra roomie so she’s seen it and showed us pictures) with a dishwasher (!!!) an oven, a fridge. Everything!
  • It’s completely new and virgin! We can decorate it and make it home together! I’m finally going to be able to unpack my books y’all. I could cry, the thought makes me so happy!
  • A balcony! (It’s small but it counts)
  • Roomie 1 has speakers, Roomie 2 records and I got a record player. It’s like it’s made to be!
  • It has a nook behind the kitchen that we can turn into a dining room. A separate dining room from the living room. How fancy is that??
  • The bedrooms are really big. I can keep doing my yoga! I can put a chair in there and practice guitar! I can actually buy another piece of furniture and put it in there. Maybe even an extra bedside table. It’s THAT big.
  • I can move THIS WEEKEND if I want to. We’re picking up the key on Thursday!

Downside :

  • I hate the neighbourhood. Hate hate hate it. I lived there with my ex and I could run into him and we are not on good terms. I hated that neighbourhood.. With a passion. It’s so far and there is not a single nice bar/restaurant/anything near there (I know, I’m spoilt, I could throw a rock in any direction right now and have a good place to hang out). All my friends live in the centre.. And I am jelly of them.. I’m not as lucky as them.BUT. I have a bike and I got a raincoat for my birthday. I’ll just have to buy a great wintercoat and suck it up.
  • It’s a bit expensive.. It’s 150% what I pay now.

Funnily enough.. I made a FB post only yesterday with a funny picture, asking for tips for a room. This room is no result of that. Even though I’ve gotten several messages with tips and it’s been reshared upwards of 30 times by now. Oops. :P


The neighbourhood thing really bums me out but I think I should probably do it! The uncertainty was getting to me so much that I just broke a few days ago. I’ve been stressed about this for months but I could keep a smile about it. Not anymore. I was plainly depressed and I couldn’t get out of it, yesterday I was picking fights with friends about their lack of support and just wanted to drink and lay in bed. I even called in sick today. I think I should do this for my own health. A place in bad neighbourhood trumps uncertainty in hip neighbourhood!

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