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I think I fucked up my eyeballs

I'm gunna tell you guys what I did then you can tell me if my eyeballs are going to shrivel up and fall out of my head. K? Let's go!

I've had to make my latest batch of contact lenses stretch through this year because I lost my eyeball insurance when I got my new job back in April. I am down to my last pair now because the pair before this I had worn for maybe three or more months (they're supposed to last three weeks) when my eyes started getting really irritated and red, so I folded and put in my last pair, hoping my eyes would feel better.

It doesn't seem to have helped... For the past two weeks now my eyes have been super, super fucking red and itchy and dry and blurry and oh my god I'm so uncomfortable. I've been trying to wear my contacts as little as possible but my glasses are so weak I wouldn't trust driving in them, and I have to drive 30 miles to work every day.


But besides the discomfort, I'm also incredibly self-conscious now because my eyes are SO RED. It looks like they'll start bleeding any second, or like I just smoked eight billion pounds of Purple Train Wreck. Coworkers are making comments and I can't even look people in the eye, anymore!

Are my eyeballs going to fall out? They are so dry. HELP ME DOCTORS, I KNOW YOU ARE ALL DOCTORS, RIGHT.

(Also it feels like it's been a while, so hello GT, I hope you all are doing fantastically. :) )

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