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I think I get it now . . . a half-baked theory

You guys, Chris Christie’s embarrassing pandering to Trump makes sense now!

Remember a couple years ago when Chris Christie was looking like the most likely Republican presidential candidate and a real contender and then Bridgegate happened? Hilary shot up in the polls. I recall joking with some people around that time that some backroom connections and local knowledge might have been utilized to cut the most likely competition off at the knees before he had a chance to gain real momentum. I think he’s not just projecting here (attorneys argued that he didn’t turn over emails and his phone and certain text messages are also not to be found now), he’s been bitterly harboring hatred against Clinton because Bridgegate killed his chances and benefited her. So he’s doing whatever he can to “get back” at her because he’s a petty, vindictive bully (see Bridgegate). It’s not that he thought he’d get a real chance at being VP, it’s that he’ll do anything at all to get a chance to tear her down. Thus his RNC “mock-trial”.


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