I’m looking at Facebook, and I see that an eight person group of my friends are going out to the bar (the post apparently being made while they’re on the road because the geo-location crap had them a good fifteen minutes away from our town when it was posted). I didn’t get the first fucking phone call, despite the fact that I live literally a backyard away from some of these people. I get pissed off about it, but then calm myself down by reminding myself that I wanted to stay in and hang out with my girlfriend on Google Video Chat since she’s been busy the last few days, so even if I did get invited I would have likely turned it down.

But then curiosity got the better of me, and I went and checked my cell phone, which was at the other end of the house. Sure enough, one of the people called me and left a voicemail an hour before they left. This revelation brings up other questions though, namely “Why the hell didn’t they call the house phone after getting my voicemail?” I mean, it is a running joke amongst my friends that I hardly ever answer my phone; so if they call me and don’t get me through the cell phone, why did no one chime in and say you should call the house instead?

I’m probably over-thinking a lot of this, but to me it illustrates a larger point that these people only call me when they need something, and I might as well not exist when they don’t. For instance: the pessimist in me is thinking that they must have not needed a DD tonight, because otherwise they would have tried much harder to get in contact with me. Instead, we get the one voicemail and done, which feels like them covering their asses so no one can claim that they didn’t invite me.

I need new friends. I need to get out of this shithole town and start anew with my girlfriend and maybe make friends that value my company instead of only wanting me when they need shit.